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DLA-K 23/12


Turntable ladder (DLA (K) 23/12

With the new DLA (K) 23/12, an aerial rescue vehicle with completely newly developed ladder technology was procured, which represents a milestone in the development of rotary ladders.

The turntable ladder is primarily used as a rescue device to provide a second escape route in buildings up to the high-rise limit (22 m). Higher buildings are considered high-rise buildings and must be equipped with a second structural escape route according to the applicable building regulations. The building regulations therefore explain the standard designation DLA (K) 23/12, which describes the nominal rescue height of 23 m with a lateral projection of 12 m (distance to the building).

In addition to being used as a rescue device, the turntable ladder can also be used very sensibly as an attack route in firefighting and as a tool for technical assistance. In order to be used sensibly in all fields of application, the DLA (K) has extensive accessories and an articulated arm that can be bent by 75 degrees  in the uppermost part of the ladder.



Technical specifications

structure of the vehicle

  • Magirus DLA(K) 23-12 Vario CS GL SE

  • Magirus Alu Fire 2 construction with a high podium box and six equipment rooms

  • Vehicle rear in classic design with bumper and integrated blue LED beacons

  • active vibration damping CS (computer-controlled stabilization)

  • Vario - support with variable support width from 2,400 mm to 5,200 mm

  • all supports individually controllable

  • Magirus support - safety - system

  • Floor leveling option up to 700 mm

  • Terrain regulation up to 10 degrees

  • Underfloor working area up to - 17 degrees

  • Conductor structure M 32 L - AS

  • 4-part ladder set with single extension technology and integrated 4.70 m long articulated arm

The chassis

  • IVECO FF 160 E 30 euros 5

  • Engine power 220 kW / 299 hp
    Allison automatic transmission

  • retarders
    ASR, ESP

  • sling chains
    Wheelbase 4,815 mm

  • Permitted Total mass 15.5 t
    Operating weight 15.3 t

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 10,000mm x 2,460mm x 3,300mm


Technical specifications

further equipment

  • Individual extension system for the top ladder section

  • 3-person rescue cage with 300 kg basket load

  • Stretcher holder for patients with a weight of up to 200 kg, can be mounted on both sides of the basket

  • Storage option for DIN, Ferno, Stollenwerk and Stryker stretchers

  • Storage possibility for basket stretcher, spineboard

  • Fixed water pipe in the top part of the ladder

  • Reversible jet tube with hollow jet nozzle up to 2000 l/min, mountable on the basket

  • Rapid attack reel, mountable on the basket, with 15 m hose line

  • Self-protection device (water spray nozzle) integrated in the cage floor

  • Holders (aluminum boxes) for chainsaws, mountable on the basket 

  • electric overpressure fan, mountable on the basket

  • Lifting eye up to 400 kg at the top of the ladder

  • Lifting eye up to 4000 kg (2000 kg at 0 degrees) on the lower ladder

  • 3 xenon and two LED headlights on the basket

  • 2 xenon headlights, swiveling, on the lower ladder

sttze unter pkw.jpg

Technical specifications


  • Vario support under car

  • Schachtrettungsfunktion  

  • Automated placement of the rescue cage in front of the vehicle (immediate entry)

  • Recording function for repeated ladder movements (memory circuit)

  • Retrieval function (ladder movements can be called up automatically in reverse order)

  • Attachable roller window for flush-right routing of a B-hose in the ladder set

  • Traffic light switch for safe climbing of the ladder, can be triggered at the top and end of the ladder using a button

  • Cage camera with transmission of the color image to the main control station

  • Ultrasonic proximity sensors on the basket

  • additional side beacons at the top of the basket

  • Rear warning system (yellow) in LED technology

  • electronic special signaling system Hänsch A 620 with city / country signal

  • Martinhorn - system with four bells

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