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command vehicle

The command vehicle (ELW 1) is purely a command vehicle that the commander drives to the scene. The vehicle returns usually when the crew checks while approaching whether larger, following vehicles can approach the deployment site unhindered. At the operation site  the radio connection to the central control center is maintained via this vehicle. If necessary, additional help can be requested or information relevant to the operation can be exchanged, for example, by telephone, fax or the Internet.

HLF 30/20-2

The assistance fire engine is the first fire engine to respond to traffic accidents. It has  a built-in extinguishing water tank of 2000 liters and also has a 200 liter foam tank, which can be added to the extinguishing water using a FixMix foam proportioner. In addition to the fire-fighting equipment, it has a hydraulic rescue kit (hydraulic cutter and spreader), a hydraulically driven generator (20 kVA) and a hydraulic towing device.

Turntable ladder DLA (K)

The turntable ladder (DLA (K) 23/12) is primarily used as a rescue device to provide a second escape route if, for example, the stairwell als Fluchtweg can no longer be used. It can be used up to a rescue height of 23 meters. As a special feature, the Schwalbacher vehicle has a foldable ladder element, which, in an emergency, enables people to be rescued, for example from skylights on the rear side of the building.

squadron fire engine

After the command vehicle, the squadron fire engine (StLF 20/25) is the first fire engine to go to the scene - at least when it comes to firefighting. It has a built-in water tank with a capacity of 2500 liters of water and can therefore ensure effective firefighting in common operations even without taking water from hydrants.

equipment trolley

The equipment vehicle (GW) has been in service with the Schwalbach fire brigade since 2008. This vehicle has been designed to be able to independently process smaller operations in the field of technical assistance. It has a portable power generator and a rear warning device.

Equipment trolley logistics

The equipment trolley logistics (GW-L) was purchased independently in 1997 by the Schwalbach fire brigade association. This vehicle can be used in many ways, for example to transport larger objects or materials and to bring emergency services to the scene.

squad car 1

The crew transport vehicle was put into service by the Schwalbach fire brigade in 2010 and is primarily used to transport emergency services to locations where many helping hands are needed. Therefore, with the exception of some materials for securing the deployment site, it has no significant load, but has storage space in the area of the tailgate to in the fire station stored resources (water suction, additional hoses...) to the deployment site.

squad car 2

Like the 1st team car, the second  also serves primarily to transport advancing emergency services to locations where many helping hands are needed. With the exception of some materials for securing the deployment site, this one also has no significant load.

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